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SOLD - Q Snap Floor Frame - SOLD

I would like to sell my Q Snap Floor Frame, as I don't have room for it in my flat.    It has been lovingly used and is still in very good condition with original box and instructions.    It is table height and measures 24" by 36". It is designed and made in the US (I bought it home from Canada).   There is one for sale on ebay in the US for the equivalent of approx £56, and new on the Quilt Direct website for £94.50.    I would like to sell mine for £25, which I will be donating to Barnardos, the charity my daughter has chosen to support when she runs the London Marathon 2017.   I live in Cardiff and would welcome anyone who would like to view the quilting frame.    I don't drive so cannot transport it (although I could ask a friend to help me if necessary). 

Ann Ezzamel