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A message from Rose Lewis


My name is Rose Lewis and I am from Australia.

I am an award winning quilt / textile artist.

My husband Geoff, and I travelled to Europe and England in late 2012 for the first time. As we did all our travelling via bus tours, there were times we couldn’t see the things that we wanted to, but on saying this, there were many, many things that we did get to see and experience.

Your country is absolutely amazing and we are definitely, wanting to return at some stage.


I have a blog/website and I was wondering if there is anyone from your guild that would be interested in following someone from Australia.

It is often nice to learn about the different way that people live and do things in other countries.

If anyone is interested then they are able to just log on for a look, or if they choose to join up with me for FREE, then they will receive a FREE E-BOOK  for “HOW TO DO TRAPUNTO”, followed up with a weekly e-mail each Wednesday.

This is a technique that I master in, and Applique is my other big love.

Here is my address

Thanking you


Have an absolutely brilliant day