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Those of you who have attended the Quilters’ Guild AGM/Conference will be aware of the varied types of venues that have been used. You will also have noted that a different Region is chosen each year to give those who do not travel any distance, the opportunity to attend.

With over 500 delegates regularly wishing to attend, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a venue which fits our criteria (listed below). For example, to meet our requirements for the 2017 conference in Torquay, the future Conference Officer, Sheila Alink-Brunsdon, Judith Dursley and I reviewed or visited at least 5 or maybe even 8 possible venues, counting those we looked at on line.

With better venues come higher costs. Currently the cost is approximately between £15,000 and £20,000 with Harrogate, Llandudno and Torquay all coming in the higher range. You get what you pay for!! All of which has to be covered by the delegates who wish to attend the conference, although The Guild pays for its own requirements, including rooms for the AGM and meetings.

We are now looking for future venues – hence this article. Some regions do not have sufficient members to undertake this commitment and that is understood. However, there are those regions who would love, and are willing, to hold the Guild AGM/Conference, but we need to know where!

The criteria for the venue are –

? Reception area for registration

? A large lecture room for AGM and lectures – might have to be used for the Gala Dinner (otherwise a local hotel could be used if there is no catering for large numbers on site)

? A smaller lecture room if the Gala Dinner is on site.

? Six workshop rooms, at least 3 with sufficient power sockets for machine workshops to accommodate 16 persons + tutor,

? Exhibition areas – need not all be together.

? Trader area for at least 6 traders (3 tables each) plus a sewing machine stand of 3 tables with power points. The loan machines for the workshops are usually provide by this trader.

? Space for fund raising, demonstrations, and five specialist groups

? Storage area for tutor equipment, machines etc. unless all rooms can be locked overnight.

? Breakout area for members of team (10 members max.)

? Meeting room for trustees, treasurers and coordinators

There must also be good road, rail and airport connections and of course, hotels in the location. The volunteer team should consist of approximately 8 persons with a maximum of 10, but by the time any venue in your Region has been contracted for a particular year, the current regional team will have been replaced so no need to get too excited at the prospect!! More than volunteers, we need to know where to look for suitable venues.

I will be remaining in post until Sheila takes over and will be in the background to assist her when needed. If you wish to contact me – Wendy Greensmith, the email address is I will then forward emails to Sheila and we can discuss them more fully once the next two/three conferences are underway.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Wendy Greensmith – Conference Officer.