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Hope Quilts for Alberta

Hi All

I am based in Llanidloes and a member of WHQ’s and looking for some help support for my “Hope Quilt’s for Alberta” little project.

I am being donated fabric and it’s simply too much so wondered if other groups in the area could help – if you are on FaceBook then this is the group – it will be a long term project with the first quilts being sent in July.

So I am after sewers, blocks, completed quilts, quilt tops, people who quilt, use of long arm quilters, basically everything to make a finished quilt.  I am hoping to talk to FedEx (he goes out to lunch when I ring) 

Quilts give people a sense of home – and so I think this is a great way to help – I am willing to come and talk to anyone anywhere about this and also as I am getting fabric donated to bring it to you to make quilts.

Quilts can be any size, and  anything at all – Hope and Home are our themes these mean something different to all of us – one thing I do want to d is try to get some labels done so people/groups can write their names on them so all help with that would be appriciated.

My phone number at home is 01686414634, my mobile (when it’s charged and when I remember it) is 07483232136

Maggie x

Maggie  Fitzpatrick-Reeves

9A Maesyllan

SY18 6DF