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Miniature Quilt Group

I would like to promote the Miniature Quilt Group in your Region.

Miniature Quilt Group is part of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isle. A small group of ladies started this at The Guild's AGM in 2003 and in Aug, the first issue of Small Talk, our newsletter was published. 

We are a small group who share the love for miniature quilts. During the year we have several challenges. In the past these challenges were linked with the Annual General Meeting of The Quilters' Guild in April and the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. The challenges have varied over the years. In the last one, people in different Regions in U.K got together and made a postcard. The first person made a postcard with fabric and passed it on with a small piece of fabric they had used to the second person. The second person included this fabric as part of her design and sent a different fabric to the next person. This went on till the last person made her postcard. (Please see the photo)

For April 2016 we have one called ' The Beauty of Wales' as the AGM is in Llandudno. The size is fixed and people can create whatever design they like. The one for the FOQ is called 'Diamonds forever'. Here they have to use diamond shapes to create a quilt. It could be a tumbling block, star or anything creative. 

Making a miniature quilt is the same process as making a large one. You just have to reduce the size you make. The general rule is : one twelfth of the large quilt and it has to be no larger than A4. There is a slight variation in size in UK and USA so one has to be careful to keep to the rules. Fine fabrics like Liberty Fabrics or silk are best (as there are fewer bulky seams to cope with when constructing the quilt) though most people use 100% cotton. We have a quarter inch seam which is then trimmed to one eighth inch. It is advisable to use fine sewing needles or size 60 Machine needles and threads.  Various techniques can be used. Paper piecing and Foundation piecing are the more popular techniques as it is easier to get accurate work. As the quilt is very small, mistakes tend to be amplified. Thus accuracy is very important.

As a member of the Miniature Quilt Group you will receive three newsletters a year full of articles like how people make their quilts, what inspired them, pictures, news of exhibitions, some patterns, tips and much more. We also have challenges throughout the year. We have restarted an Annual meeting at the FOQ. 

We are a very friendly group of like-minded quilters, so why not come and join us!

Nava Young, Coordinator of Miniature group. 

email: or phone: 01983852680.