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Salvation Army Patchwork Easyas Ministry

A Message from Sandra Hiles:

The Salvation Army Patchwork Easyas Ministry has created a website

The website, has hundreds of quilt patterns and video tutorials by Salvation Army women, like myself, but ALSO patterns donated by generous, well known quilters worldwide. Many legendary quilters such as Jenny Bowker, Yan Pring, Belinda Burgess, Lauren and Jessie, Meg Orr, Pam Bono, Bethan Ash, Sharyn Craig have donated wonderful patterns.

We are inviting all patchwork quilters and their friends around the world to partner with the Salvation Army through this website to help fund Patchwork Easyas Ministries in hundreds of areas worldwide that are financially challenged.

The fund will supply sewing machines, cutting boards, rotary cutters, pins, rulers, and quilting accessories needed to start up a patchwork quilting ministry in areas where finances are limited. The resources will be provided directly through the Salvation Army so we know they will be distributed correctly.

As you would know, patchwork quilting is an incredible craft and when groups are formed they create a marvellous venue for fellowship and support for women

Thank you in anticipation

Sandra Hiles

Leader, Salvation Army Patchwork Easyas Ministry